Organization of Music Events in Mytilini, as part of the Lesbian Summer 2023

The Spirito Group undertook the organization of two original musical events with the excellent musician-pianist Elena Xidia in the city of Mytilini.

On Saturday, July 1, in the port of Mytilini, we will open the biggest festival in the Aegean, with a spectacular event in the sea. Elena Xydia will musically render ZORBA with her piano on a large sailing ship accompanied by dancers, who will dance to the rhythms of her music on sailing ships, in order to present the “Greatest Sirtaki in the Aegean”, with the port of city.

On Monday, July 2nd, in the castle of Mytilini, the musical show “The piano battle: Elena Vs Elena”, an impressive piano concert-recital, a unique musical battle of Elena Xydia with her hologram, will take place. The impressive movements of the hologram will be amazingly combined with her live performance creating a unique audio and visual spectacle, a unique experience that will captivate the audience.

Directed by: Paschalis Mantis

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